The table fills and fills and fills, and at a certain point it begins to be ridiculous
– there’s no visible table anymore! –
and someone starts to giggle at the crazy excess, the sheer weight of the experience.


Sam Sifton
The New York Times



MADANGSUI “The Korean Prime Barbecue Restaurant Housed in Midtown Manhattan”
Who could resist the multiple sensory pleasures of Korean barbecue: the spicy, salty flavors and the combination of textures and temperatures(crisp lettuce juxtaposed with succulent grilled meat and fish), not to mention the hands-on fun of going through a pile of lettuce leaves, wrapping your own individual little barbecue “sandwiches” and popping them into your mouth.



“We only use USDA PRIME”

We have been serving USDA PRIME Certified,the finest meat in NYC since 2009.
MADANGSUI serves top quality American beef and Korean Food. Our beef comes from pasture-raised
and grain finished cattle that are humanely treated by American beef cattlemen.
All our beef are USDA Certified Prime or higher (American Wagyu) in marbling score.
Using Wet-aging and Dry-aging methods with the utmost care, we serve the best cut of beef for Korean style Barbecue.